We have all heard for the last 12 months how monumental this upcoming election will be for the future of our county. I believe the same can be said for our community! We have a number of difficult decisions that will chart the course for the next 10 to 15 years of this town that we all love. One of those turning point elections is taking place at College of the Canyons, Area 4, where Michele Jenkins – a pillar of our community and a dedicated public servant – is facing a real challenge!

While the candidate herself is too kind to ask, I would ask every reader within her district to cast their vote for Michele Jenkins, Area 4, Santa Clarita Community College District Board of Trustees. As an alumnus, volunteer and past president of the COC Foundation Board, I have witnessed firsthand the commitment that Michele has consistently invested to improve, year after year, what was already a great college. Michele’s decisions as a seated Trustee are made with the students’ best interests at the forefront.

Michele exemplifies the leadership that has resulted in stellar success for COC over the last 20 years. Whether it is having the second highest completion and success rate of 115 community colleges statewide, or being named one of the fastest growing colleges in the nation each year for over two decades running, or being recognized as one of the top 25 colleges in the nation for adult learners, COC is at the top of any list when it comes to student access, engagement, support and success. I know that firsthand, as I would not be where I am today without the excellent education I received at COC.

Michele has served on our Foundation Board and is one of the most generous contributors to our annual student scholarship fund. Among her fellow Trustees, Michele was among the first supporters of the Foundation’s effort to generate $500,000 for the Canyons Promise initiative, two years ago.

Leaders like Michele embrace change and innovation, and she is not afraid of what the future holds for our college, despite funding uncertainties at the state level. She powers through and encourages others.

Having been involved in the college as a student and a volunteer, I am informed and keenly aware of who works well with others, who believes in the power of a team, who brings people together, and who has the courage to stand up and do the right things for the right reasons. Michelle is that person.

This November 3, I urge everyone within Area 4 to join me in supporting Michele Jenkins for COC. For more information about Michele’s platform, history of service, or to donate, please visit www.jenkins4coc.com.

Carol Quan, RN