“Michele Jenkins has served with integrity and in a manner that always involved working with faculty and other administrators to achieve the college’s goals of empowering students along their road to success.”

Michael Berger, Member, COC Board of Trustees

Education Leaders

Claudia Acosta – COC Faculty, Modern Languages & Cultures
Gary Peterson – COC Faculty, Golf Coach

Jia-Yi Cheng-Levine – Dean, International Affairs & Global Engagement
Diana Stanich – COC Faculty

Chuck Lyon – Dean, Athletic Director, College of the Canyons
Jeffrey Forrest – VP, Economic Development
Teresa Ciardi – COC Faculty, Astronomy & Physical Science

John Wissmath – COC Faculty, Softball Coach
Diane M. Fiero
– VP, Human Resources
Dr. Al Adelini – COC Dean and Counselor, Retired
Joe Klocko – COC Dean, Economic Development, Retired
G. Carole Long, Ed.D. – COC Vice President of Instruction, Retired

Sarah Ehrsam – COC Athletic Trainer
Joseph Gerda – College Administrator and Professor, Retired
Michael Berger – Member, COC Board of Trustees
Steve Zimmer – Member, COC Board of Trustees
Len Mohney – Former Dean, College of the Canyons
Jim Schrage – Educator
Sue Bozman – COC Administrator, Retired
Joan Lucid – Superintendent, Saugus Union School District
Bob Jensen – Governing Board Member, Hart High School District
Steve Sturgeon – Governing Board Member, Hart High School District

“Community members of every political persuasion recognize that Michele is a key component in the college’s focus on the community and in its success. Santa Clarita and its surrounding community have benefited greatly from her service.”

State Sen. Scott Wilk
I endorse Michele!


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Ted Iacenda – College of the Canyons Faculty, Football Coach
Diane Stewart – COC Faculty, Retired
Michele Edmonson – COC Alumna
Chris Cota – COC Faculty, Baseball Coach
Courtney Iacenda – Assistant Principal, Hart High School District
Mike Kane – Physical Education Teacher, Hart High School District
Martin Ritz – Adjunct Faculty, Retired FBI Agent
Roger Van Hook – College Professor, Retired
Avneet Ghotr
– Student Trustee, 2015-16
Jared Moberg – Student Trustee, 2015
Katherine Kirst – Community College Counselor
Judy Fish – Superintendent, Saugus Union School District, Retired
Paul Nelson De La Cerda – Former Board Member, Saugus Union School District

Dr. Louise Jaffe – Member, Santa Monica College Board of Trustees
Dianne McKay – Trustee, Ventura Community College District
Wanden Treanor – Trustee, Marin Community College District
William McGinnis – Trustee, Butte Community College District
Joan Lucid – Superintendent, Saugus Union School District
Peter Bellas – Director, Center for Applied Technologies, Retired
Cathy Ritz – Director, COC Foundation and University Center
Tim Honadel – College Director
Lindie Kane – COC Faculty, Cross Country/Track and Field Coach
Dana Levine – COC ASG President, UC Berkeley Graduate
Nicolas Cardenas – COC Student Trustee, 2008 to 2010

“While many community colleges have minimal, if any, economic development teams, Michelle Jenkins believes that support to local businesses is good for businesses, good for the SCV, and good for the college. She has consistently supported the Economic Development Division of the college for decades. As the retired dean of economic development, I know this to be true.”

Joe Klocko, COC Economic Development Dean, Retired
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Business Leaders

SCV Chamber of Commerce
Valley Industry Association

Kevin Holmes – Partner, Martini Akpovi Partners; COC Foundation Board Member
Wayne Crawford – Local Businessman
Gary R. Horton – CEO

Joyce Shulman, Ph.D – Licensed Psychologist
Tom Lee – Community Member

Steve Corn – Owner, Newhall Escrow
Tom Dierckman – Retired Executive, Community Volunteer Leader

Brian Koegle – Attorney
Barbara Myler – CEO

Gary Cusumano – Community Member
Ed Masterson – Businessman
Tony Newhall – Businessman and Community Leader
Ami Belli, M.D. – Owner, REMO Drums
Bob Bakshi – Owner, Parkway Motors
Mike Lebecki – Realtor
Lisa Burke – CEO
Nick and Elise Lentini

Greg Amsler – Proprietor
Jeffrey Hacker – Attorney
Gary Saenger – Company President

Fred Arnold – Certified Mortgage Consultant
Tony Watson – Businessman, Distinguished COC Alumni
Chris Giordano – Businessman
Jason Gibbs – Principal Engineer
Brian Palmer – Realtor

Kevin L’Heureaux – Commercial Television
Tiffany Lyon Giordano – Attorney, Los Angeles County Counsel

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Endorsed by the SCV Chamber of Commerce

“Michele has inspired me to work hard, taught me the importance of collaboration, and helped me find and explore my passions and career goals. It is because of her positive attitude, resilience, and compassion that I am confident she is the best District 4 candidate to continue to lead COC.

Dana Levine, Former ASG President

Community Leaders

Tony Newhall – Businessman and Community Leader
Jim Ventress – Boys & Girls Club of SCV Director, Retired
Tom Lee – Community Member
Ruthann Levison – Santa Clarita Parks Commission Vice-Chair
Kirk Palmer – Police Captain, Retired
Jill Mellady – COC Foundation, Chair
Tom Dierckman – Retired Executive, Community Volunteer Leader
Bob and Kathy Kellar

Wayne & Dianne Crawford – Community Members
Skip Newhall – Community Member
Sandy Parkes
– City of Santa Clarita, Retired
Lorna Adelini – Nurse, Retired
Gary Cusumano – Community Member
Charlotte Kleeman – Community Volunteer
Doreen Shine – Chair, Patrons of the Arts
Lorian de Oliveira – Nurse Practitioner

André de Oliveira – Financial Advisor
Dr. Bradley Kirst – Dentist
Carol and Harold Quan
Gloria Mercado
Anna Frutos-Sanchez
Sarah Robertson – Former California Highway Patrol Officer
Shea Robertson – Homicide Detective, Long Beach Police Department

Diana Cusumano – Chair, Culinary Arts Campaign
Edmond J. Miller – Lockheed Senior Electrical Design Engineer, Retired

Marta Miller – Global Mobility Partner
Jack Stewart – Community Volunteer
Kiki Hacker – Community Leader and Volunteer
Tami Palmer
– Stylist, Small Business Owner
Lois Bauccio – Community Leader

“Michele is an exemplary trustee: a compassionate, student-centered leader and fierce advocate in Sacramento for all students. Voters can have full confidence in her leadership and values.”

Dr. Louise Jaffe, Member, Santa Monica College Board of Trustees

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Endorsed by ALADS

“Michelle has been a consistent leader for trustees. She is able to offer the right amount of historical perspective, yet keep current with best practices, melding experience and constant professional development into outstanding leadership on the board. Having worked with Michelle for nearly a decade, she brings not only good stewardship to her district but also years of working with one of the most respected chancellors in the state.”

Dianne B. McKay, Ventura Community College District Trustee

Government Leaders

Mike Garcia – U.S. Congressman, 25th District
Scott Wilk – Senator, State of California
Cameron Smyth – Mayor, City of Santa Clarita
Bill Miranda – Mayor Pro Tem, City of Santa Clarita
Laurene Weste – Member, Santa Clarita City Council
Howard P. “Buck” McKeon – U.S. Congressman, Retired
Michael Berger – Member, COC Board of Trustees
Steve Zimmer – Member, COC Board of Trustees
Bruce Fortine – Member, COC Board of Trustees, Retired
BJ Atkins – SCV Water District Board of Directors
Dianne McKay – Trustee, Ventura Community College District
Wanden Treanor – Trustee, Marin Community College District
William McGinnis – Trustee, Butte Community College District

“As a former community college president and State Academic Senate president with experience spanning four colleges, I know COC has one of the best governing boards in the state, and Michele Jenkins has steadfastly been one of its best members.”

Dr. Phil Hartley, Former COC Vice President of Instruction and West Valley College President

“From attending games to cheering on our teams, to serving on the college’s athletic expansion feasibility committee while supporting campus-wide events, Michele has always been here for COC. That type of commitment and support has translated into countless opportunities for our students and athletes to learn, compete, grow and succeed, both during their time at College of the Canyons and beyond.”

Chuck Lyon, COC Dean/Athletic Director

“Michele is passionate about COC and student success! She leads by listening to what students need to succeed. Tirelessly for 30 years, she networks in the community to secure resources for our college, advocates at the state level on policies and regulations that would benefit our college and SCV, and, most importantly, supports faculty and student initiatives to move the college forward.”

Jia-Yi Cheng-Levine, Dean, International Affairs & Global Engagement

“Michele Jenkins has consistently demonstrated as a board member for over two decades that she has the experience, skills and commitment to ensure the successful development of programs and opportunities in the Santa Clarita Community College District and the community.”

G. Carole Long, Ed.D., Vice President of Instruction, Retired

“As a former student of COC and a COC Foundation Board member, one of the most important attributes of a Trustee is to ensure that the District’s goals are aligned with student success. I have consistently seen that in Michele and I fully support her.”

Kevin Holmes, Partner, Martini Akpovi Partners LLCP

“Michele has been great for COC. Happy to endorse her!”

Chris Giordano, Businessman

“Michele has a real love for the students and faculty at College of the Canyons. I’ve seen her attend various student activities from sports to the arts on her own time. She works well with community leaders and organizations rallying support for the college. She is an ardent advocate in Sacramento for policies and regulations that will benefit the college. I’ve know Michele and her family on a personal level over 28 years. Her compassion, empathy, and kindness are deeply admired. Michele has so many great stories and memories of her time on the board of COC and never hesitates sharing them. Talking with Michele, you can quickly learn that serving on the board of the college is truly her passion.”

Sandy Parkes, City of Santa Clarita, Retired

“Now more than ever, COC needs a leader with the experience, knowledge, and passion for students to guide the college in these uncertain times. Michele Jenkins is that kind of leader. For this reason I hereby endorse Michele Jenkins for Board of Trustee at College of the Canyons.”

Jeffrey Forrest, VP Economic Development

“Michele has worked tirelessly for the students at College of the Canyons!”

Michele Edmonson, Alumni COC

“Michele sees the value in providing activities outside of the classroom for students, and always supports student engagement. I think Michelle has attended every (Canyon Country Campus) Star Party, embracing the energy this event brings to science education. She is also very appreciative of what faculty do for students every day at College of the Canyons.”

Teresa Ciardi, COC Faculty, Astronomy & Physical Science

“Michele Jenkins’ many years of service have helped COC become the prized local asset and California leader it has become.”

Gary Horton, CEO, Landscape Development Inc.

“Michele makes good things happen for the students of College of the Canyons. I support her! As a proud board member of the Foundation – join me in supporting Michele Jenkins.”

Gary Saenger, Company President

“So many wonderful years of service to COC and the students. Well done!”

Marta Miller, Global Mobility Partner

“Many great years of service to COC and its students as proven by her longevity.”

Edmond J. Miller, Lockheed Senior Electrical Design Engineer, Retired

“These are difficult times for higher education. Social distancing is a disruptive force on how faculty teaches, how students learn, and how colleges operate. Now more than ever, Michele’s decades of service and experience are needed at College of the Canyons.”

Tim Honadel, International Services and Programs

Re-Elect Michele Jenkins to the COC Board of Trustees

Vote for Michele Jenkins on November 3rd

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